The physique produces electrical vitality to control the whole lot from a heartbeat to the way in which our brains course of issues. And electromedicine has been used to deal with situations for the reason that first century AD when Roman physicians utilized electrical eels to deal with situations like gout. Nevertheless, like many issues about our physique it has taken a very long time to really perceive how manipulating or enhancing vitality inside the human physique can help within the well being and properly being of that particular person. Dr. Hansjurgens was a number one researcher within the discipline of electrotherapy and got here to some distinctive conclusions on how electrical energy impacts the physique otherwise.

In truth Dr. Hansjurgens realized early on that there have been some limitations in interferential remedies getting used as a result of they centered on simply stimulation of the world being handled. As he studied and utilized his theories to totally different instances he found that he might classify the electrotherapy remedies into two coursesĀ electrotherapy machine for knee pain

  • Stimulatory which will increase and reduces depth over low frequencies (1-1000hz) which is used for treating atrophy, muscle rehab & strengthening, knee joint issues and spasms
  • Multi-Facilitory which retains the depth fixed at a better frequency (1000-100000 hz) which can be utilized for treating persistent polyarthritis, neuralgia, neuroma, inflamations, sciatica, extreme ache and wounds.

This realization led him to create a brand new expertise that handled sufferers at each the Stimulatory and Multi-Facilitory degree and he referred to as this new therapy protocol Horizontal Remedy. By means of a number of medical research Horizontal Remedy has grow to be the Gold Customary in electrotherapy therapy. By delivering these two courses of remedies to sufferers not solely can clinicians deal with the particular situation on the level of the ache but in addition on the biochemical degree to boost the therapeutic properties of the human physique to assist present long run outcomes.

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